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Logistics is so much more than most people think. No, it isn’t just that guy who delivers your Takealot package. The supply chain is long and full of many different people, who all must do their jobs properly to ensure that manufacturers ship their goods safely – and consumers receive them in good condition. Wastages is a swear word and can be reduced dramatically through certain changes in packing habits – like wrapping pallets with tough shrink pallet wrapping plastic. We’ve got three reasons your pallets deserve the Pro Plastic treatment:

  • Keep your products safe from tampering

Unfortunately, human beings aren’t perfect. With so many valuable items of varying size and quantity being shipped across the world every day, items are bound to go missing – or ‘fall off the pallet’. No company shipping goods intended for paying customers wants those goods to be stolen. So, much like baggage wrappers you’ll find at airports across the planet, wrapping your pallets in shrink wrap surrounds it in a tough-to-penetrate seal that deters those with sticky fingers.

  • Make sure your products aren’t damaged

Pallets that aren’t packed properly face a number of risks during the transportation process. One of these is shifting pallets and/or produce. Boxes that move around are boxes that could possible topple over and crash to the floor. Will the products get damaged? Who knows, but why take this risk in the first place. By wrapping the pallet before shipping, you turn it into an almost immovable object (unless you have a forklift). This way, the content of your pallet is going nowhere – no matter how bumpy the journey.

  • Save your business money in the long run

What does all of this really mean for a business? What’s the bottom line? At the end of the day, stolen and damaged goods end up costing manufacturers and logistics companies unfathomable amounts of money each year. When you add up these costs, and then realise how spending money on pallet wrapping could actually save you money every year – it becomes easy to see that stretch plastic wrap is a very smart business pivot.

Order plastic pallet wrapping rolls in KwaZulu-Natal

Pro Plastic is the leading supplier of plastic pallet wrapping rolls in KZN. We manufacture three types of shrink wrapping for the pallet packing industry. Standard-core hand wrapping rolls, extended-core hand wrapping rolls, and rolls for pallet wrapping machines. Arrange a stretch cast pallet wrapping quote by contacting Theo on 031-700-1361 or admin@proplastic.co.za. Pro Plastic, we’ve got it wrapped!