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Loosely-packed pallets can lead to movement while in transit. This could end up causing packaging damage, or worse: product damage. Even the best-packed pallets are often victims of rain and other weather-related damage. Our clients wrap their pallets in our strong stretch cast wrap, which keeps the contents of the pallet firmly in place – while also weatherproofing it.

Pro Plastics specialises in the production of plastic wrap solutions. We’re not talking about your kitchen-variety film wrap you use to keep sandwiches fresh. Our stretch cast pallet wrap is industrial-grade wrap film used predominantly to wrap produce packed on pallets. We have been able to specialise in our craft because we provide four products in total. These are Machine Rolls, Hand Rolls, Entended Core Hand Rolls, and Bubble Wrap. Click on a product below to find out more:

Machine Rolls

We manufacture quality pallet wrap machine plastic rolls, specific to our clients’ quality and quantity requirements. Benefits of Machine Rolls allows for consistent tension and monitoring of meterage per pallet.

Hand Rolls

For those without pallet wrapmachines, we manufacture normal-core hand wrap plastic rolls. With hand cast pallet wrap rolls you have less capital investment. You can wrap your products in any environment, as this allows our clients process to be more versatile, and prevents bottlenecks in the wrap departments.

Extended Core Hand Rolls

Considered more comfortable to use by hand are our extended-core hand rolls, with a thinner but longer core for better grip. With extended-core hand rolls you do not need to purchase expensive machinery to administer the pallet wrap. You are able to go to your palletized products and wrap them right away.

Bubble Wrap Rolls

Take maximum care of stock on pallets with bubble wrap. This can also be turn-key manufactured for other wrap purposes. Bubble wrap is an excellent insulator against impacts, making it great at keeping goods safe and secure during transit. It has a number of functions, is extremely light weight, highly versatile and cost effective.

Who we cover.

Over the years, our valued Pro Plastic customers have come to expect two things from us: consistency and efficiency. Clients know that they can rely on our industry knowledge to provide them with the best possible solution for their needs. Our high level of service has earned us ongoing business from prolific South African clients in the following industries, these are to just name a few:

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