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Got plastic wrap questions?

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What exactly is stretch cast pallet wrap? What do we do with all our plastic wastage? You’ve landed on the Pro Plastic FAQ page, where we list common questions that are frequently asked by our clients. We also try to answer these questions to the best of our abilities as plastic pallet wrap experts. If you can’t find the answer to a burning question you have for us, please get in touch via our CONTACT page. .

What is stretch cast pallet wrap?

Stretch cast pallet wrap involves rolls of strong plastic being used to wrap an entire transportation pallet’s contents together for safety purposes. Pro Plastic manufactures rolls of stretch cast pallet wrap – in varying lengths and thicknesses – for clients across South Africa.

Who can use pallet wrap plastic?

Any company that has an interest in the safety of goods packed onto a pallet. This includes goods manufacturers, logistics companies transporting the pallets, etc.

What happens to all the plastic wastage?

Manufacturing rolls of pallet wrap plastic inevitably causes plastic wastage. Pro Plastic has a dedicated recycling division, which processes all wastage creating during our processes.

What is a pallet wrap hand roll?

Pallet wrap hand rolls are cylindrical cardboard tubes with hundreds of metres of stretch cast pallet wrap plastic. These are used by workers to physically wrap the pallet by circling it several times, until the entire contents are wrapped to their specifications.

What are the advantages of pallet wrap?

Stretch cast pallet wrap ensures that a pallet’s contents do not shift around during transport. This also protects the pallet from damage, and keeps the contents dry from the rain.