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Making sure products get safely from point A to point B is a stressful undertaking. There is money at stake for all parties involved, including the manufacturers and the logistics teams. Everyone has an interest in the safety of the products, so finding ways to minimise money loss is beneficial to everyone in the supply chain. So, how does money get lost in the freighting industry? How can wrapping pallets in shrink wrap prevent it? This article takes a look at four ways stretch cast pallet wrapping saves money:

  1. Prevents shifting loads during transport.

The safety of a pallet is dependent on two people. Those who pack the pallet and those who transport it. When pallets aren’t packed nice and tightly, packed products and sometimes entire pallets can shift, topple and fall during transportation – often causing damage. When pallets are wrapped with strong shrink wrapping, the produce pulls in on itself, turning the pallet into one immovable object that allows for no product movement. This makes sure that the pallet and its valuable goods remain safe throughout their journey.

  1. Prevents pilfering and tampering.

Pallets are used to transport an innumerable number of products each year across the globe. From spare parts and tools, to fresh products, everything under the sun finds itself on a pallet at some point in time. Unfortunately, curiosity gets the best of logistics personnel all too often, resulting in items ‘disappearing’. This often happens as a result of poor pallet packing, where the contents are easily accessible for tampering. When pallets are wrapped with layers of tough shrink wrapping, it’s much harder for sticky fingers to find their way inside.

  1. Prevents damage from the elements.

Where do pallets stand when they’re not enroute to their final destinations? Some find themselves indoors; others might be packed outdoors under a covering of sorts. Many pallets, unfortunately, find themselves out in the open – exposed to the elements. Rain, sun, and wind-blown dust threaten the integrity of cardboard and other packaging materials. When pallets are securely and tightly wrapped with ample cast pallet wrapping, they effectively become weather-proof.

  1. Prevents fresh produce wastages.

Fresh consumer products are also commonly found on wooden pallets, which poses a challenge for those packing the contents. How can one ensure the products remain as fresh as possible – for as long as possible? In the case of frozen goods, the more insulated the pallet the better. Cardboard is good, but wrapping the pallet with plastic creates an almost air-tight seal around the contents. This can help to keep the transported produce fresher for longer, which will likely reduce wastages.

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