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In this article, we’d like to talk a bit about ourselves as cast pallet wrap suppliers. Pro Plastic is a family of packaging and logistics enthusiasts, and we make it our mission to deliver the best possible product, at the best possible price, with the best possible customer service – on every order we fulfil. We’ve recently added the manufacture of bubble wrap rolls to our service offering, but our three mainstay products are our pallet wrapping plastic rolls. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

  • Hand pallet wrapping rolls

The high-quality Pro Plastic pallet wrapping rolls are ideal for all kinds of applications, from hand wrapped pallets to securing small packages and bundles for transport. They’re equally useful in both retail and wholesale environments and require no machinery to use. The convenience of using hand pallet wrapping rolls is that one does not have to load pallets onto a wrapping machine’s turntable. Pallet hand wrappers can walk up to a newly packed pallet and immediately wrap it up.

  • Extended-core hand rolls

Like the above Pro Plastic hand pallet wrapping rolls, our extended-core hand rolls are made with speed and efficiency in mind. However, these have extended cores that protrude past the edge of the cast plastic sheeting. Many hand pallet wrappers prefer the extended core, which in effect creates two ‘handles’ – a similar concept to a rolling pin. This is as opposed to the above standard hand rolls, which have wider cores within which wrappers insert their hands during wrapping.

  • Pallet wrapping machine rolls

Struggling to find the strength to physically wrap pallets by hand? Pro Plastic also manufactures the stretch cast pallet wrap rolls used on pallet wrapping machines. The cast extrusion process allows the stretch film to have excellent clarity, require less force to stretch, and renders it much tougher and therefore less likely to tear. Cast stretch film offers one-sided cling that ensures the wrap stays secure, while reducing the accumulation of dust on the pallets in storage.

Get a quote on pallet wrapping plastic rolls in KwaZulu-Natal

We’re the leading manufacturer of stretch cast pallet wrapping in KwaZulu-Natal. Pro Plastic also recycles all of our excess plastic wastages, as we join the fight against plastic pollution. Arrange a stretch cast pallet wrapping quote by contacting Theo on 031-700-1361 or admin@proplastic.co.za. Pro Plastic, we’ve got it wrapped!