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Wrapping pallets in plastic wrap offers a number of benefits, including safer cargo transportation and theft deterrence. Traditionally, companies have asked staff to wrap pallets by hand, using extended core pallet wrap rolls or regular core pallet wrap rolls. Today, many companies have invested in pallet wrap machines, making the job of wrapping pallets for transport or storage much easier. This article looks at what a pallet wrapping machine is, which pallet wrap is used, and how a pallet wrapping machine works:


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What’s a pallet wrapping machine?

A pallet wrapping machine is a large mechanical device used to automate the pallet wrapping procedure. These machines have three main components: a rotating platform, a vertical arm featuring a pallet wrap roll, and a control panel. Instead of taking the time to hand wrap a pallet, forklifts need only drop pallets onto the machine. Then, with the flip of a switch, the machine will jump into action and automatically wrap the pallet using your chosen pallet wrap.


Which pallet wrap rolls does it use?

You can manually wrap a pallet with pallet wrap machine roles, but you can’t use hand wrapping rolls on a pallet wrapping machine. They use specific rolls manufactured solely for use on pallet wrapping machines. This is why Pro Plastic supplies machine rolls as a completely separate product offering.


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How does the pallet wrap machine work?

Pallet wrap machines have made the lives of countless workers much easier, saving them time and increasing overall productivity. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how a pallet wrapping machine works:

1. Pallet is loaded onto platform

Firstly, the pallet needing wrap must be loaded onto the platform. This is usually achieved using a forklift or other lifting machinery. The trick is to make sure the pallet is sitting in the exact centre of the platform.


2. Platform begins to rotate

Once the pallet has been loaded onto the platform, a switch is flipped and the circular platform will begin to rotate the pallet at a steady speed.


3. Pallet wrap plastic is applied

Next, the mechanical pallet wrap applicator moves closer and the pallet essentially wraps itself. A vertical arm allows for the plastic wrap to be raised or lowered as it is applied to different parts of the pallet.


4. Pallet is removed from platform

Once the pallet has been covered sufficiently in durable cast pallet wrap, all that is left is to shutdown the machine and relocate the completely wrapped pallet using a forklift.


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