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The way you pack your pallets can actually cost or save you money in the long run. Not to mention the time saving from not having to repack terribly packed pallets, or the cost saving thanks to palletized loads that don’t shift during transport. If you want to start packing pallets like a seasoned professional, we’ve got a bunch of tips to make sure you get the best start.

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Use quality pallets

Sometimes the reason a pallet’s contents gets damaged or compromised is because of an inferior or damaged pallet. The first step to packing pallets properly is to assess the quality of your pallets, only packing freight on pallets that can withstand weight and transportation.

Start with heavy items

Heavy items packed on top of light ones create top-heaviness. When packed pallets are top heavy, they topple over and cause damage. Other than creating a heavy foundation for the pallet, heavy items at the bottom means they won’t crush any lighter items below.

Avoid edge overlapping

When packing your pallet, you want to try pack items as close as flush with the edges as possible. If contents are not touching the edge, you’re wasting valuable pallet space. If it’s hanging over the edge, damage is more likely and automatic measurement tools will struggle to process the pallet.

Distribute weight evenly

Much like top-heavy pallets that can topple, pallets packed without equal weight distribution are difficult to handle as they move through the logistics process. They are also likely to get damaged through shifting loads during transportation.

Try to avoid pyramid shapes

Many packers of pallets decide to place smaller boxes on top of larger boxes, giving the packed pallet a sort of pyramid shape. This affects the structural integrity of the whole thing, so try instead to pack smaller boxes so that the overall shape of the load stays a cube.

Think about using straps

Once you’ve packed everything onto your pallet, in a nice cube-like shape with evenly-distributed weight, what’s next? Consider using two or three straps to secure the contents; as a preliminary security measure before wrapping the whole pallet in heavy-duty pallet wrap.

Secure everything with pallet wrap

A pallet finished off with a few layers of stretch cast pallet wrap, from top to bottom, is an untouched one. Untouched by dust, by dirt, by rain, and by individuals who might want to browse the pallet’s contents and cost you money in losses due to theft.

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Order pallet wrap rolls in South Africa

Stretch cast pallet wrap might be the last step of packing a pallet properly, but it’s definitely not the least important. Plastic pallet wrap is the first line of defense against dust, dirt, rain, sun, and the sticky fingers of potential thieves. Order heavy-duty stretch cast pallet wrap rolls, to the specifications you need, from Pro Plastic. We look forward to working on your order! Contact us should you wish to discuss the particulars in more detail.