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Stretch wrap rolls are a staple to ensuring pallets and stock are packed securely and kept safe when moving along the logistics supply chain. Pallet wrap holds everything together, making sure that loads can’t shift which could lead to stock damage and lost revenue. There are three main types of pallet wrap rolls used in the logistics sector, and we’re looking at each of these in detail below:

4 proven ways stretch cast pallet wrap saves you money

Not your kitchen variety stretch wrap

Wrap rolls used in logistics are not like the ones you’ll find in your average home kitchen. Sandwich wrap is much thinner than pallet wrap, and is manufactured in a carefully controlled food-grade manner. Pallet wrap needs to be tough and durable, and comes on rolls that are much larger than regular kitchen plastic wrap.

Types of logistics wrap

How does a pallet wrapping machine work?

Buy logistics wrap rolls in South Africa

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